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    Invest with us

    As an investment client of us you will receive:

    • Access to our negotiation system
    • Best buyer/tenant at the best price
    • Peace of mind knowing everything is done right
    • Advice in plain, easy-to-understand in your language
    • Staff to handle any issues arising from the management, leasing, purchase and/or sale of your property

    10 steps to invest in properties with us:


    Leave us your contact information and we will contact you. This will add you to our investors list and we will notify you of new listings, which are best suited for investors.


    We can meet face to face or virtually. We explain how we work, how we obtain investment properties in the Coast, and how we can help you manage your investment.
    We would love to meet you because you are important to us and in our opinion it is the best way to start our cooperation.


    Following these steps, you will be to whom the items are primarily offered. Before making a purchase, you can take a tour of the property on site or attend a video tour and ask questions.


    You decided to purchase an investment. The deal also includes the acquisition of tenants by us, short or long-term.


    If you wish, you can outsource the management to us. The service covers the management of the entire tenancy and the re-leasing of the investment apartment in the event of a change of tenant.


    We offer convenient and fixed-price surface repairs to your property. For instance, when a tenant changes. You save time, effort and money.
    We also take care of the maintenance of your property in a need for minor repairs.


    Our partners can make accounting and tax returns for your investment for you.


    You can always use our help to sell your property.



    We make sure that the property is inspected in advance and the data is transparently available. The trades are done with professionalism.
    We work with the best experts in all matters related to the acquisition of an investment property. Before and after the trade.


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    Are you interested in a sure, safe and decent return?

    Did you answer yes? Good.

    Let's compare the situation between any country and Spain. Or, in fact, a comparison is made between greater cities and Spain's Costa del Sol.

    You know for sure that housing investment is most profitable in growth centers or student cities. The greatest attraction and migration in cities is  for sure to the capital regions. Although student cities and a few others are also good cities for housing investment. Of course, the increase in value must be taken into account.

    Let's take Helsinki as a model, as good example. Apartment prices? Where can you start? €150,000, what do you get with it? A studio apartment under 25m2? Or an "apartment" with a room and toilet.

    Rent in a studio is €650, right?

    Return after fees and taxes less than 4%. You sell this to yourself, of course, so that the return is 8% because you get a better rent. Good, you know what to do.

    That is, €650 x 12 months = €7,800 From this you subtract the taxes and fees etc.

    Appreciation? According to statistics, not significant.

    Let's go to Spain, Malaga and the Costa del Sol. Apartment prices? €150,000, what do you get with it? 2 bed apartment 60-80m2. So in Spain this is always a two-bedroom apartment. But actually it is a 3 room apartment. In Spain, apartments are always described by how many bedrooms and bathrooms or toilets there are in the apartment. Often, a 2-bedroom apartment has two bathrooms or at least a bathroom and toilet separately.

    Rent €850 at least, anytime. You already calculated the yield yourself. And that's not all. You rent out the apartment as a holiday home for 12-16 weeks of the year, you can get up to €1,000 or even more a week for the same apartment. If you don't have enough contacts to rent an apartment out, we do. From autumn to spring, you rent your apartment "long-term" there for 850€/month.

    That is, during 4 months of high season you will receive a rental income of €13,600 and during 8 months low season €6,800. A total of €20,400

    Or if you only got half of that? Good, you already calculated it myself.

    Things to consider? 100-150€ monthly. Other expenses? When purchasing, you can calculate fees and taxes, etc. 10-12%

    Appreciation? Annually now more than 6-8% since 2020. In some areas even 26% in 2020-2021 (Marbella)

    Why Costa Del Sol? An example is Fuengirola.

    The Fuengirola city area has the largest expact community on the coast and also many international schools. More than 300 days of sun a year.

    Holiday apartments

    Renting holiday apartments in Spain and specifically on the Costa Del Sol is an affordable and comfortable alternative to a hotel for those traveling there.

    Who wouldn't trade a small hotel room for a beautiful and cozy apartment in Spain, on the Costa del Sol where both friends and family members can all spend time together. Spain is an ideal place to spend your holidays. The most popular holiday destinations are precisely on the Costa del Sol.

    Fuengirola is a southern Spanish city that belongs to the province of Málaga. Fuengirola is located about 30 km southwest of the city of Málaga on the Mediterranean coast, in the Costa del Sol area. About 20 min from Malaga airport.

    Fuengirola's Paseo Maritimo, Europe's longest continuous promenade, is more than 7 km long, with a sandy beach on one side and hundreds of restaurants on the other. Fuengirola is also home to a famous zoo.

    The population of the city of Fuengirola is over 80,000, but it multiplies during the summer months. In 2018, there were a record 380,000 vacationers on the Aurinkoranniko. Another record is expected for 2019.

    Fuengirola is a really popular destination among European tourists and especially among Finns. More than 15,000 Finns also live permanently in the city. All services in the city can be found in the Finnish language if needed. There is also a private Finnish elementary school and high school in Los Pacos district. Fuengirola also publishes, among other things, the Finnish-language local newspaper Uusi Fuengirola, where you can read the city's news and events. You can also listen to the Finnish radio channel, Radio Finlandia.

    Long-term apartment rental

    Work-based migration and remote working are growing exponentially on the Costa Del Sol. The world changes, people move. There is a constant need for long-term housing on the coast. The demand is strong and currently the demand exceeds the supply.

    How do you find the right apartment investment for you?

    Easy, contact us!

    Av. Condes de San Isidro 94
    29640 Fuengirola

    Please make appointments at the office by prior arrangement.

    Tiia Mirjamo
    Sales – Long term & Holiday rentals
    +34 660 137 276

    Kimmo Mirjamo
    Project management – Sales – Plots & Building projects
    +34 618 022 111